To offer both the widest variety and best value at Scenic Weddings, we recognize the need to operate a streamlined warehouse operation. This means that all party hire equipment is supplied via delivery and collection service only (no pick up). We offer considerably lower delivery fees when compared with other party hire companies and can offer this as we look to usually group a large number of deliveries for an area together, thus allowing more efficient offloading & collection.

There are two (2) types of delivery services we offer - STANDARD & PREMIUM. Read on for a clearer explanation of each.

STANDARD delivery & collection rates as shown via our live postcode checker (on every product page) are applicable when:

  • You have a FLEXIBLE delivery & collection time that is not restricted.

    • Example 1: At a house where; so long as delivery is made prior to the event hire start time, you can accept your equipment earlier (potentially 1-2 days) and collection can be made at a later time on the day of your event or even 1-2 days following. No additional hire costs apply should this occur

    • Example 2: At a venue where although your event may have ended, the equipment can be stored in a spare room or area for later collection

  • Your event hire times fall between standard operating hours (8am - 6pm in Spring/Summer and 8am - 5pm in Autumn/Winter)

  • Your delivery or set up area is within 25 metres from where our vehicle can park and is on the ground level of a building

  • Understand that party hire equipment that is not required to be set up (DIY as listed on the product page) is delivered only to the nearest FRONT entrance of a house or building (garage, front door etc).

    • Example 1: We can park directly adjacent to your house on the street or in your driveway and your garage or entrance is readily accessible

    • Example 2: Your function is at a hotel, function room or similar venue and they can accept equipment being left in the lobby or a loading dock

  • *Note that all inflatables are installed by our team and provided set up is within 25 metres and the relevant access is available, this equipment will be transported to backyards. No further costs apply unless stairs, slopes or gravel are relevant.

PREMIUM delivery & collection rates are on a case by case basis (although some fees are fixed - see below) and are applicable when:

  • You require a specific delivery time at either drop off or collect and cannot accept a general supplied time frame between normal business hours in line with our delivery routing and other bookings

    • Example 1: Your event is at a park between the hours of 1.00pm - 5.00pm. You have only booked the area for the event time noted and cannot arrive earlier or stay later.  A restricted delivery fee applies (+$75)

    • Example 2: Your event is at a hotel between the hours of 6.00pm - 9.00pm. The hotel needs to reuse the function room the very next morning and cannot store the equipment anywhere so it must be collected that night. An after hours fee applies (+$150)

    • Example 3: You would like your inflatable set up in the front driveway. For you to access your garage, the inflatable cannot stay overnight if required. A restricted collection fee applies (+$75)

  • You require your equipment to be taken beyond ground level of a building (all equipment) or to the rear of a property (party hire equipment only). Additional fees apply on a case by case basis.

  • Your delivery or set up area is more than 25 metres from where our vehicle can park. Additional fees apply on a case by case basis.

    • Example 1: In a shopping centre where the store is 100 metres from the loading dock, or a park where your table/area is not adjacent to where we can unload

  • Your equipment needs to be taken up stairs, elevators, escalators or any slopes

    • Example 1: Your office is in Brisbane City on the 24th level. The loading dock cannot accept equipment or your equipment needs to be set up by our team members

    • Example 2: Your inflatable is to be set up in the backyard however to access the yard, the driveway has a steep slope or some steps

  • You have a large quantity of equipment - an additional labour fee may be added to cover the additional unload/set up time

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