“I can’t use artificial flowers at my wedding, they look so tacky!”

 I hear some people say … well, we’re not talking the old fashioned artificial flowers of yesteryear! The advancements in authenticity where faux flowers are concerned is simply astounding and gets better all the time. With new mediums being used such as latex, flocking, and high quality wax finish foliage, you simply can’t tell the difference in most cases!

Some benefits of using artificial flowers are allergy free, no wilting, no dying & artificial flowers are always in season.




is the big trend in weddings


From cascading eucalyptus and ivy adornments to wreaths of myrtle and swags of fern, foliage is the new flower.

Adding greenery will transform any venue from a plain to the lavish and lush. Greenery is a big trend in wedding industry now, besides being modern, it is more cost-friendly than standard florals.

Furthermore, greenery is not just for summer time, it is a year-round trend.

Floral Installations & Ceiling Draping

One of the most special parts of our job is to create floral installations and overhanging structures featuring flowers to showcase your wedding day. We love to create the most amazing floral features by using interesting foliage’s and feature flowers, and there is nothing more incredible than a pretty chandelier adorned with flowers! What’s not to love about flowers hanging from high above, if you want the WOW factor on your wedding day you won’t go past a floral structure, here are a few floral installations we have created, but the most special part of our job is to create a concept that suits your venue or location and then showcase more of your wedding day floral fabulousness that floats beautifully from above!